Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby Bibs to Drool Over

What started a few years ago with a co-worker's baby shower gift, has been perfected-a mere 2.5 years later.

I love making these. Each one takes over an hour to make-plus time to create and apply the applique-but every one is unique and I love the finished products.

I tried using cotton fabric for the accents, but they just didn't turn out quite as cute as the felt. I say they're for droolers, because you want to ruin such a cute bib!? {but they do wash really well}

There are 4 layers in each bib {5 if you want to include the felt as a layer}: cotton {front}, fusible webbing, cotton batting, brushed cotton twill {back}. like I said, I've tried a few different things and this is what produces the cutest and most professional results.

I like to make the back look just as pretty as the front. The cuteness shows on the back like this. How awesome is that!

Anyways, these are for baby gifts and possibly a craft show next year. If you want them, they're $15 each, which includes shipping. Not that I'm soliciting sales, but I've had requests in the past so I might as well put the info out there, right?


laura said...

so, so cute! seriously. they're flawless!

Seriously... said...

I'll take 3 of them! seriously adorable. turkey, "P" and Carrot please!
kendra_nieman at hotmail dot com

Becka Dietrich said...

If and when I have a baby, I expect several of these for my kid. You are so freakin crafty Chels. They are so cute!

hillary said...

You need to retitle your post: baby bibs to drool over. duh! But seriously they are freaking amazing! Jeremiah looked over my shoulder when I was looking at them & he thought they were from a store. LOVE they turkey! Love everything! Love you!

Tyler said...

Chels -

Suzanne saw this and LOVED them! Our little Camden is a serious drooler. Would like to buy one of these for his Christmas stocking. Can you bring one out when we see you next week? Ping me -



exclusive_remedy said...

Chels ... my friend is having a baby shower soon and I would love to get some of these for her. She is having a boy ... if that makes a difference. How about 2? Let me know how long you think though ...

exclusive_remedy said...

Awesome! A monkey would be great ... she doesn't work with my but based on other things I have seen that she has for the baby that would be perfect. Do you want me to pay through paypal? And do you have my address still? Also ... I hope I get into KU as well, but I have heard nothing! No news is good news right? I hate waiting.