Monday, December 14, 2009

Vote for ME, please?

Over at Dollar Store Crafts you can vote for your favorite handmade wreaths! I'm number 12. If you loved mine, please vote! Voting closes tomorrow night for round 1. Help me make it through to round 2, por favor :)

{clicking on the picture will take you back to my original post with details and more pictures}

If you vote for someone else's wreath, that's okay, too! There are lots of really pretty ones to choose from.



P.S. Tomorrow I'll show you a sneak of a Christmas gift I'm making...probably the only gift I'm actually making this year!


Evie B. said...

Just voted! Your's is the cutest!!!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

I voted Chelsea!!!!! Good luck!

Miss-tearious said...

I have Dollar Store Crafts on my google reader. I gasped when I saw your wreath! My coworker was like, "What?!"

I totally recognized your wreath before I read this post. :)

Miss-tearious said...

Oh yeah, not only is yours the best, but TONS of the ones on there are so ugly! I can't believe some of them are even in the running!

Becka Dietrich said...

I couldn't get there fast enough! Stupid training this morning that didn't provide wi-fi. I just got back to the office and it's too late! I hope you win, let us know what happens. But glancing through the competition, it shouldn't be too hard.