Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Long Day {that kicked off the vacay}

Had we been ready and prepared as planned (does that ever HAPPEN?) we would have been in bed on the 17th by 10pm. But we went to bed at 2am. And then we couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't fall asleep. I shut my eyes, hoping to will my body to enter slumberland. It didn't work. I got up for a drink of water thinking the refreshment would be what my body needed and I could fall into that deep, deep sleep and wake up in the morning ready to while the hours away in a car. It didn't come.

Instead, I lay there for 45 minutes until I turned on a Christmas movie (White Christmas) I'd seen a million times (I might be exaggerating this number just a bit) and fluttered my eyelids for another minute before my brain shut down.

I slept 4 hours.

We woke up at 5:15am, I showered and got ready the fastest I have probably ever gotten ready in my life, gathered the last few things we needed for our trip and collapsed in the car as one dog, one wife, and one husband, ready for adventure.

The trip was mapped out as 1080 miles from start to destination. 15 hours 39 minutes.

With minimal stops and gas-uppages, we arrived in an impressive 17 hours.

Our prayer (and my letter) worked. Our car performed its carly duties, the sun was sunshiney, we both drove alertly and smartly (and quickly!).

We prepared ourselves for a fun-filled vacation with our family. And fun we had.

To Be Continued...

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