Thursday, November 08, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Thank you for all the comments!

So, because of much butt-kissing (which I LOVED, by the way), I decided I wouldn't be able to choose that way and therefore did a random, yet scientific drawing (basically, me putting names in a box and holding it above my head and choosing one...very scientifical) That being said EVONNE will be receiving some greatness from yours truly. I'll get it together soon and drop it in the mail or just make a little trip to you :)



So this afternoon I came home to an empty house. It's been a LOOOOOOONNNNG day and I'm really ready for bed but wanted to get to my blog.

Remember Ryan's car trouble? Well yesterday afternoon I get a call from him just seething with frustration about a new wretched sound his car is making. So I call the mechanic because he's too upset to even talk about it. Turns out, Ryan takes the car over there and the sound is gone. He picks it up tonight and it starts again while he's driving. He's thinking the cold weather is making things tighter and squeakier. Looks like we need to hit up a costco-sized portion of WD-40 and get that thing lubed (that's what she said!) before it drives him crazy.

Oh yes, I came home to an empty house. Ryan's up in SouthJordan babysitting while his mom and dad are at a company event in Cali for the weekend. In addition to the nightly traffic from American Fork to Orem, we have BYU vs TCU game traffic. It was hell. A coworker I was giving a ride to needed to pick up his car in Orem by 6:30. We left at 5:25 and made it with 5 min to spare. AND, we didn't even take the freeway!!! After 10 min of going ONE mile, we got off at the next exit down and went on back streets, only to be held up there as well. Seriously, probably the most ridiculous 8 mile commute I've ever had.

Since Ryan will be gone tomorrow night as well, I'll be finishing some new crafts (which includes Evonne's gift!) and posting them to my shop.

Okay, it's almost midnight. sweet dreams.

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Evonne said...

I couldn't be more excited! Yay, Chelsea present. :) Maybe you need to deliver in person and we can have another craft night!