Tuesday, November 13, 2007


One of our friends is a student in the Art Dept at BYU and was emailed an invite. So we scored some great seats to a movie we were going to see after it came out on Friday anyway.

So I have my delicious oh-so-terrible-for-me theater popcorn and gallon of diet coke and settled in. Oh yes, don't forget my 3-D glasses.

I loved this movie. It is definitely adult content. It's mostly cartoonish, well, not really. Think Halo animations and you're on the right track. It was great.

About 3/4 of the way through, after 1 bathroom break, I still had the majority of my soda left. One mishandling of it and before I knew what was happening I was holding only the lid and the straw and the few droplets of diet coke that remained. The rest was on the floor, on my pants, on my husband and, oh yes, COVERING the guy in the seat in front of me. I felt TERRIBLE.

So after the movie I profusely apologized and tried to make light of the situation by telling him it was diet, so at least it won't be sticky. What I got in return was a look of, don't talk to me tinged with utter scorn for movie theater goers that must have a gallon of soda.

So if you hear of anyone who got drenched last night in non-sticky soda, remind him I'm sorry.

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shannon said...

hilarious about the spilling diet coke. and i love me some movie theater popcorn...yummers.