Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After

Black Friday has always been fun to me, even if I don't wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to stand in line....heck, the last few years you've needed to camp out at the stores the day before if you wanted the hottest deals. This year I didn't find anything of too much note, though, and slept until my sister called to let me know everyone is meeting at Cracker Barrel for their hamsteaks...delish.

They'd been up since 3:45am to get coveted purses, jackets, tool sets, tvs, xboxes, etc. Ryan and I strolled into Walmart at 8 and picked up the couple of things we were interested in without crowded lines or freezing our asses off in the cold Kingman wind. It was bliss. The best shopping in a long time.

I think Ryan even said something about the awesome customer service at walmart and it being like a scene from a movie. This Walmart was built just a couple of years ago and is super clean, wasn't really crowded...esp for being the day after fact, I think it was less crowded than a normal day at the Orem Walmart.

Overall good day. Mexican food for dinner, sizzling fajitas, and a stop at Sam's Club to pick up some christmas and birthday presents. Another great day under the belt. Tomorrow will be fun as well. We'll have lunch at In and Out, celebrate brother Ken's b-day, and gorge ourselves on leftovers.


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Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE those stockings you made. I think you should make some for your etsy shop so I can BUY THEM!