Monday, November 26, 2007

It's not over yet

I thought the stressful months of Ryan's grad school apps were finished. I thought wrong. He received an email today from one of the schools saying he's missing the application fee, a transcript, and a letter of recommendation. All of which he thought he had taken care of. So that started him worrying that he was missing other things. He started looking.

The University of Wisconsin decided that since he hadn't accessed his online application since 9/30/07 (not even 2 mos ago!!) that they would delete it. He mailed in part of the application 2 weeks ago, paid the what's the deal?! All I know is that we were going to start watching Ocean's 13 tonight.

Actually, I need to finish stitching up a puppet bag that was a special order. Finished all the puppets during Heroes, Chuck, and Notes from the Underbelly (LOVE LOVE LOVE this show - so glad it's back) and now it's time to get the bags finished. ta ta for now.


Evonne said...

So frustrating! Good luck with getting it all sorted out! :)

Leah Marie said...

When William was applying to PhD programs we became OBSESSED with checking application statuses. The most random and unexpected things will grow wrong everytime you think you've got it order.

Good luck with that. :-)