Sunday, November 11, 2007

dang it!

I can't seem to get my snowmen finished. I need to run up to battle creek canyon tomorrow during lunch to find arms for them. And then I'm not certain if I'll make scarves for them and adorn them with buttons or leave them more plain and simple and just add something down at their base...we'll see. I might do a mix of both.

Thank you to both Evonne and Shannon for their help with an embossing heat tool! Shannon was beyond generous and just GAVE hers to me. What a doll! I owe her big time, especially once you see what I used it for:

These are more than likely going to be for coworker/neighbor gifts filled with truffles or english toffee or cookies. Anyone have a fabulous recipe for english toffee? MMM...I've found a few online but want to know if anyone has any tried-and-true recipes.

And then I got this fantastical seasonal thing made tonight:

I ordered the vinyl from an etsy seller and 3 days later got it. I did have to rearrange some words because the board was only a foot wide and 2 feet long and the image was supposed to be 11.75" by 23.25" but alas, it wasn't. It didn't fit on the board as is, so I had to cut and arrange to make it work. But, I love how it turned out. I think Barn Red is my favorite painting color.


Evonne said...

Those boxes are soooooooooo cute! Where did you get those?!?!? I need to get my butt in gear and get going on my neighbor gifts, too.

I love the sign, too. Do you just craft all the time? I am so jealous!

shannon said...

my friend Heidi has THE BEST recipe for toffee...and i have an amazing one for chocolate truffles from ina garten that are divine. i'll get the toffee recipe. glad you put my embossing tool to work! did you get the dust off?

Ginger said...

You're very crafty and so good at it! I love your Christmas plaque. I like the colors and how you kind of antiqued it with that fabulous red.

If you're ever at Katie's take a look at the plaque that I made her. I used a Ralph Lauren FAUX technique Glaze-color/Tobacco #AG0 With a dry brush I stroked over the letters and all. It also gives a nice seal. Just gives a different look and you hardly use that much and can water it down just a bit if needed.

deb said...

Cute boxes. Barefoot Contessa has some great truffle recipes - they look pretty easy too.

deb said...

hee hee.. just saw that someone else posted about Ina's truffles. Great minds think alike!