Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Official - I'm sick

I'm sick. My first 'winter' cold for the season. It's a tradition in my family that at least one person gets sick during Thanksgiving and one person (or more) gets sick at Christmastime. Well, I think it's a tie for Thanksgiving. Both me and nephew Jack got sick last night (I think his was from eating a pound of chocolate cake and ice cream). I slept terribly last night because I kept rearranging myself on the bed (the mattress was my parents when they got married....time to get rid of it? uh, yes, about 10 years ago - it's rock hard) not only keeping myself awake, but Ryan as well. Both of us are exhausted after driving home but I decided after my Diet Pepsi Max that I had tons of energy and my sniffles had subsided enough to head to Mom and Dad Alexander's house to visit with BIL Nate and his gf April. Cute girl. I think she'll fit right in.

Time for bed. After a 8 hour trip to Orem today and another hour to and from South Jordan, these boots aren't doing anymore's time to take them off and set them aside for the evening.

I hope everyone had as great of a holiday weekend as we did :)

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