Thursday, December 06, 2007


I've finally finished some projects and gotten them added to my Etsy shop. I've been so busy it seems the last couple of weeks and at the end of the day doesn't look like I've gotten anything done. Finally finished sewing the last couple of puppet bags that have been ordered and will ship them out tomorrow.

I got some awesome ornaments in the mail from my ornament swap and will ship out these tomorrow. I'm only going to add one to CheaperbytheDozen because I want to keep at least 3 for my tree this year.

Speaking of my's still not up!!! This weekend I told Ryan it has to get up, otherwise I'm thinking it's not worth it...I'm too lazy to take it down if it's up for less than 3 weeks. freak-ity freak.

OH - do need to mention I found an awesome link for 50-70% off toys at Amazon. Click here for it. I'm not sure how long it's going on. I ordered some Dora dolls for my niece's b-day for next year. I got 4 for a little more than the price of 1. I'm a bargain maven. I was called that at work last Friday. They called me the coupon maven. what a compliment.

Also, a little plug for a favorite sweet shop I've ordered from SEVERAL times: Avenues Sweets. Their caramels and nougat are sooososososoosooo delicious. I believe in them so much that I ordered some for my bosses to give them an idea of something different than the fudge they've ordered for Christmas for the last few years. No offense to the person who makes it, but it's not that good.... oh! for AvenueSweets, if you go to you can usually find a 50% off coupon...It's totally worth it.

I'm trying to start a gym routine, so Casey (neighbor who is 8 mos pregnant) and I are going to the gym after I get off from work. So far we've just gone once (yesterday) but we'll go again on Saturday morning. Probably not a bad thing to exercise as I start baking for the holidays. mmm...candy...wait, bad candy.

K, bedtime!

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hillary said...

Hey! I'd take some of those AvenueSweets candies for Christmas!