Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Movies

On Sunday I enjoyed an evening in at home while Ryan was at work. I was invited to his parents (as I am every week) and also to a friend's for dinner, but wanted to get our Christmas tree up and decorated. I ended up making 3 batches of English Toffee (I've made 5 now...well, 7 if you count the ones that didn't turn out) that night and watching Little Women. This version:

While there are many parts in the movie I tear up at, this one in particular made me bawl. I was so glad Ryan wasn't home. I feel silly crying at movies in front of anyone.

I wish they hadn't cut this clip so short. When Hannah spreads the rose petals all over Beth's bed, piano, and dolls, I lose it. I'm such a baby...but you know what? I don't care. I always watch this movie around the holidays. So much of it happens in snow and in the winter and around Christmas that it for some reason screams Christmas Movie to me. and Pride and Prejudice is a Thanksgiving tradition for me. The 5 hour long one. OOH! I want to watch that tonight.

Anyone else have any holiday movies that aren't necessarily holiday movies?


Natalie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who bawls during that part. :) My cousin sent me the soundtrack to that movie as a Christmas present. It makes the perfect background music while making Christmas treats!

deb said...

I need to watch this again. It's been a while. You should see The Holiday - it is a Christmas movie but that's not even the main basis of the movie. Everyone in it is so good too.