Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flour Girls and Dough Boys Bakery

There's a bakery down the street from my office that has changed owners/names/styles 3 times in the last couple of years. Most recently it was Naborhood Bakery, a second edition of Naborhood Bakery in Gardner Village. Well, they're not there anymore. Instead it's Flour Girls and Dough Boys. And let me tell you. I'm in HEAVEN. This is probably not a good thing I work 2 blocks from a bakery, but this is more of a bistro of sorts. They'll have ready-made sandwiches for lunch, in addition to a beautiful seating area finished with oh so fun chandeliers and eating tables, fresh baked artisan breads, muffin tops, doughnuts. Oh, and steamed milk! I tried it for the first time today and mmm..mmm...good. Today was their opening day. On Saturday, Dec. 8th they're having a cookie day for kids. Sugar cookies to decorate there and even cookies for the adults. For what I'm typing you'd think they paid me, but, no...I just got some foccacia bread and it is SO fabulous. Probably THE best I've ever had. The outer crust is light and flaky and inside is warm and spongy. It's topped with delicious herbs (tastes/looks like Thyme). It was $5 for the loaf. I'm going back tomorrow for their Asiago Cheese Bread. MMMMMM


Annie said...

Our family went there yesterday and had the cinnamon rolls and chowder... SO GOOD!! What a great addition to the downtown area.

Kristin said...

Hi Chelsea. I stumbled upon your blog because it is on the Flour Girls and Dough Boys blogroll, and I am their newest and biggest fan. I was your visiting teacher in the Lakeview 1st ward for awhile but we never connected, and I am sad I didn't get to know you. I like your blog.