Friday, December 21, 2007

A White Elephant

Yesterday was our 2nd Annual White Elephant at work. Probably the best. People definitely upped the ante.

I picked the 4th gift. It was from one of the owners, who did the same thing last year (stuck $10 in an envelope). This was only different in that it was 10 $1 coins. Of course it got stolen from me.

Next I picked up a nice pretty box from ann taylor. Inside contained a license plate. So I said, "oh wow! it has authentic dirt on it!" and then I hear from someone else, "hey! that's MY license plate! what the heck!?" to which i replied, well, unless you steal it from me, it looks like I'll be driving a bmw from now on, huh. One of the girls went and took it off of John's car a minute after he pulled up for the meeting. So funny.

(i'm just giving the highlights of the gifts)

So then I stole the money back. And then I stole this awesome bust and ended up with it.

Seriously, people were emotionally attached to Abe during the game. One of the guys wanted it so badly that he offered me $10 for it. Of course I took it. So I ended up with the $10 afterall.

Other gifts:

Foam Samurai Swords (I brought those in - they were from my DI pile)
some sort of perfumey soap thing that was regifted
a mexican masher/grinder (...molcajete?) thing with dip bowls
a first aid kit
a really really horrible picture of one of the owners that keeps getting floated around the office/packs of gum/jewelry
a post-it note with an I.O.U for Lunch
a TERRIBLE book of poetry called Love Will Come Again (example from book: love can be found anywhere: in front of a college dorm, in the back seat of a chevy...)
a food storage #10 can of powdered fruit drink
a HUGE poster of a picture from our summer party of two of the sales guys in the swimsuit with one guy grabbing the other's chest. (A kid who's only been here a month did that...ballsy)

There were more but I can't think of them. Good days.

Also! Ryan got an interview for the University of Nebraska! hooray! nice work, honey. He'll be flying out in January. Cross your fingers he gets in AND gets financial assistance.


Natalie said...

SO FUNNY. I laughed forever about John's license plate. CLASSIC!!! LOL!

Leah Marie said...

This year at a white elephant I came away with a "All be cause two people fell in love" sign. I was told that its supposed to go over pictures of our children.

I felt like this was a great way to highlight my infertility this holiday season. :-)

PS love the "Merry-barren-Christmas." I may quote this when I blog this week-end about how my period was 7 seven days late this month.

exclusive_remedy said...

Too late, I showered already. As for anything fun and exciting ... no I am not doing anything and I love it! The nephew is due technically Jan 8 (or 11) but Jessie is planning on having the New Years Baby so she can get all the cool stuff ... we will see if that happens. She is so huge though, it is crazy! Are you doing anything fun and exciting?