Monday, February 09, 2009

What I've Been Doing....

really isn't that exciting. Seriously. I'm kind of boring. As I type I'm waiting for The Big Bang Theory to start {love this show} and for Chuck to show up. Although, I am going to wait until Ryan gets home to watch Chuck. It's one of our shows.

Since Christmas, Ryan and I have been thinking about another storage solution for all my serving platters and my milk glass collection. Our kitchen isn't ideal for anyone who likes to bake or cook on a regular basis - storage is minimal and I'm having to store canned goods in my makeshift pantry {garage}. So I started looking for a china hutch + buffet. And I found the perfect one last Thursday on Craigslist. I love CL. This is a really nice, dark wood piece of furniture. I'm always wary about committing to buy something on CL, so I asked if I could come see it first. Off Ryan and I went. It was in Ft. Leavenworth [which is an Army base - WAY cool] an hour away. So we picked up the bottom part and had to come back for the top...twice.

It's beautiful, no? The family that owned it is moving to Korea. They purchased it in 1991 as newlyweds in Germany from the army post there. They've toted it around since then {from Germany, to the U.S, to Korea, back to the U.S.} and just can't take it one more time. They're paring down. We were glad to steal it from them. Yes, steal. We paid pennies compared to what others would have cost.

I'm going to change out the hardware. See? Just a little dated. I headed to Home Depot tonight and picked out a few options. What I really want they don't have, but I'll make do. I'll post options tomorrow when I have some good lighting.

I've been trying to get more projects done recently, but after I get off work the sun is already down and I don't want to do ANYTHING. I hate feeling that way. I didn't think I depended on the sun that much, but I'm finding a lack of it puts a damper on my mood. Maybe I'll try starting work earlier and taking off sooner. Which means getting up at maybe not.

Speaking of work, it's getting better. One step at a time, but at least it's in the right direction {if you don't know what I'm talking about a few of my recent facebook updates have been along the lines of 'i need a new job' or 'i hate my job' and the like}. If I didn't love the company so much, I'd have been out of there already.

This is getting a little long, so I'll leave a few pictures from a book I found at an estate sale on Saturday. I'm considering scanning a few of the pages in and reprinting them for my future use.

Its publication date is 1945 and is inscribed from 1946 from the couples first wedding anniversary.

Isn't it sweet! I love the graphics and they're just what's in style again.

OH! this page cracks me up. Click on the picture to read the text underneath it, but it's about 'training' your baby's muscles to poop on demand. Seriously. Other cultures still do it. I think it's awesome. The book is really fantastic overall.

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Micah and Melinda said...

I love your new peice of furniture! WOW!